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A Hypnobirthing, VBAC, induction, positive birth story of Thomas.

"I had a healthy second pregnancy after having multiple health complications with my first baby. I was a VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean) so was nervous about this type of delivery with my second baby. I had many fears, especially as medical staff at the hospital had told me that there were risks involved with having my son vaginally this time. I decided to contact Kat as I knew her as a family friend through my parents and I knew she offered help to pregnant couples and ones with new babies."

" This was a great decision as Kat really made me feel at ease from the very first session. At first I thought some of the Hypnobirthing methods sounded a little strange but I took them on with an open mind and I’m so glad I did. After finishing the Hypnobirthing course with Kat I felt so much more in control and confident about my birth experience to come and practiced the Hypnobirthing techniques religiously. When the time came, I was induced artificially into labour. This wasn’t the path I imagined for my birth but due to reduced movements and growth concerns for my son I decided it to be the best route forward for both him and I. I used all of my Hypnobirthing knowledge and took on the surges (contractions) like a boss. Through each stage of my labour I did have pain relief, the first 4-5 hours."

I Hypnobirthed alone but after a while things were getting a bit too much for me and I used the gas and air that was recommended to me by the midwife. This was a lifesaver for me and took the edge off my pain. A few hours passed and things got even more intense and I asked for additional pain relief and Diamorphine was recommends at this time. I was hesitant about this as I had heard from other people that this could make you drowsy but I felt like I needed help so I took this offer and again I was relieved I had. I think because this was such a relaxing medicine this really helped me meditate and concentrate on the tranquil surroundings that I had set up for myself in my birthing room. This got me through the next 3 hours until it started to wear off. At this point I waited until I couldn’t anymore and requested an epidural for the finale of my labour and birth."

"They told me the anaesthesiologist would be an hour because they were dealing with an emergency. I used the remainder of the diamorphine, gas and air and Hypnobirthing to get me through that hour until eventually the anaesthesiologist came into the room to finally give me the epidural. After it had kicked in I felt so much relief. I felt that at each stage of the labour I went through I took the appropriate pain relief, using hypnosis throughout to guide me through. "

"The birth was a success and I am so happy with all of the decisions I made from the moment I engaged with Kat right until my son was born. The whole experience was exhilarating and made me feel so strong. I can’t thank Kat and the NHS staff enough for all of their help."

Huge congratulations to Ayesha and family, thank you for sharing your story.

Story and pics all shared with consent.

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