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K & R Say:

" We cannot recommend Kat enough as a doula for your birth but also for her hypnobirthing classes and the Positive Birth Preparation Workshop that she does with yoga teacher Sarah Clover, all of which we have attended. You definitely cannot put a price on any of the services that Kat provides, but in any event her rates are extremely reasonable. She was invaluable to both me and my husband both in the run up to the birth and also during the birth itself, we simply couldn't have done it without her! We had a couple of meetings before our birth, Kat attended our home birth and we also had a Postnatal visit following the birth as well as WhatsApp support throughout. The support Kat provided was second to none, she helped me with my birth plan, answered any queries or worries we had, helped us to prepare for the birth encouraging me to include self care as well as gentle movement as I neared the birth and helped me to maintain my positive mental attitude for a natural birth in the run up to birthing, as well as providing a safe space to rant as required! In addition she answered queries we had after baby had arrived. Throughout she maintained just the right amount of contact, not too much to feel pestered but just enough to feel properly supported. She was always on the end of the phone/message/email if we needed her. Her support after the birth and up to and including our final postnatal visit was also brilliant, we felt really sad to say goodbye and a few tears were even shed. She is such a caring and attentive person and perfect as a doula. We parted ways feeling like we have made a friend for life too who we will definitely keep in touch with and baby Lucy will be growing up calling her Auntie Kat!


Thanks a million for being part of our amazing birth story Kat."


Ellie Says:

“I met Kat through one to one midwives where she supported my breastfeeding journey with my first son. 


When I got pregnant again I knew that I was unlikely to get the emotional and professional support I would like through the NHS and immediately contacted Kat about what she could offer. 


The main thing we discussed was supporting my breastfeeding journey, it wasn’t straight forward last time and Kat was key to helping me feed in a way that worked for me and my baby, and I wanted that support again, Kat really built my confidence with my first born and I wanted to make sure I had a positive experience again. I received so much more then breastfeeding support from Kat, her experience as a mother and as a professional really supported me in all areas of my journey with a newborn. She provided some great resources to help me sleep and relax before my planned c section, she caught a feeding issue early so I could start to improve it before I had a scheduled visit with the midwife, she was on the phone and messaged me through out my journey to show she was available any time to ask questions. I asked so many varied questions and with such a breadth of experience, Kat answered all of them and helped to reassure me or directed me to who I need to speak to and how. 


I read recently a definition of a doula which is exactly what Kat epitomises…. She is an advocate for you and plays a complementary role to the medical advice you receive from the NHS, she gets to know you and your family and gains a deep understanding of you that the NHS simply doesn’t have time to build up. She is a modern day support system who can help navigate emotions, questions, worries and complex breastfeeding issues, teaching parenting skills, etc.


She is the constant in your pregnancy and birthing story that is absolutely critical to you during those last weeks before birth and the first weeks after birth. I cannot recommend her enough.”



Ben Says:

Home Birthing & Doula(ing) from a Dad’s perspective

The thoughts in my mind were always about control and safety. To control our environment and the safety of our family was my number one priority. Yes, it’s not about you (sorry but did you think it would be different?), it’s about your partner / surrogate. That’s not to say you are not involved, you are, but you are there to act as an advocate, supporter and partner, you are a team, and so choices should be made together.

Home birthing was a very new (and somewhat ‘hippy dippy’) thought and concept to me before our first child. I do not regret it one bit, so much so we did home birthing again for our second. I would encourage anyone unsure to look into it. Look and understand the pros and cons and make the decision yourself (rather than listen to me ramble on). For me, the environment was key. The feeling of being comfortable and safe and controlling the environment was a really important factor for my wife and I.

Utilising the services of a Doula was an even newer concept to me and immediate thoughts went to relinquishing control, what’s my role going to be in all of this? Are they replacing me? Am I to be made redundant? Not at all! Kat (our Doula) worked with us as an additional support network and tailored her service to what we needed. Much like my experience with home birthing, I would encourage anyone unsure of whether a Doula is right for you to reach out and educate yourself into understanding what their support can do for you and your partner throughout the pre to post natal journey."

Ben. Father of 2.


Hannah Says :

Kat is magic. honestly magic. she helped me have such an amazing breastfeeding journey with My son I can never repay her . she helps with sorting my placenta out and making smoothies letting my oldest child help . she was patient and caring answering all the questions but child had. book with her you won't regret it x

Lucy Says:

Kat is amazing! My husband and I had 2 sessions with her via zoom (due to COVID) she is really engaging, informative and covers all angles so you can make your own decisions on what will be right for your family and newborn. We had lots of opportunities to ask as many questions as we liked and she also followed up each session with lots of reference material too. I wouldn’t hesitate to go back to Kat for further sessions and would highly recommend her for any parents to-be, or new parents. Thank you Kat, you’ve given us a lot of confidence ready for our new adventure.

Amelia Says:

Kat was so wonderful with both my babies, helping me with advice and keeping me informed and on track with my breastfeeding journey. All bf mums need Kat!! Thank you.

Laura Says:

Mama magic supported me and my husband through the tricky world of feeding . Kat was non judgmental and gave honest professional advice.

We shall be reaching out again soon for more support

Thank you x

Jessica says:

We can’t thank Kat enough for all her help. We attended her hypnobirthing refresher and early days parent classes online. Kat was amazing at tailoring the content to our needs and gave us lot of ideas for involving our little boy both during the birth and in the early days. We had planned a second home birth, but baby had other ideas! As much as it was hard to let go of our ‘home birth’, we had the best induction process and ‘hospital birth’ we could have had. We spent the day in our own room, talking, laughing and relaxing. It was all down to Kat’s sessions that we felt empowered and knew we could still have a magic birth, even if things weren’t how we had originally planned. Without the sessions, I don’t think we would have been so calm and relaxed, something which we know ensured our birth experience was as perfect as it could be. Jess, Matt, Archie and Audrey x

Katie Says:

I cannot recommend Kat enough! We had 2 private Hypnobirthing sessions at home, Kat squeezed us in despite me contacting her late on in my pregnancy and it being v close to Xmas. The sessions were so informative and Kat so knowledgeable as well as being so friendly and approachable and it was amazing to be able to have the session in the comfortable surroundings of our own home too! The supporting materials provided by Kat were invaluable in preparing for our Home Birth and Kat also kept in touch and provided support after the classes were complete and following the birth of our son too! Don't hesitate to book a session, you won't be disappointed!!!

Rebecca says:

With my second pregnancy I wanted to take back the control and went to one of Kats hypnobirthing courses. It was an eye opener for me. I felt more confident going into labour as was armed with many more techniques. Kat has always been my 'go-to' for breastfeeding support. After successfully feeding my first I was surprised to struggle with my second. Kat was on hand to come round and offer support; sharing tips, helping with positioning, boosting my confidence and primarily helping when a tongue tie was spotted! Once sorted I went on to feed for 2 years, thanks Kat x

Ellie & Josh 

The support we have had from Kat antenatally, during the birth and postnatally has been incredible. We cannot thank her enough, she is an amazing doula and has made a huge difference to our family.

Kat has an ability to create an instant bond with you and has got to know our family inside out to be able to provide us with outstanding support. She has always been at the other end of the phone whenever I need her with information and a positive motivational attitude.

She enabled me to create a birth experience that was beautiful and life-changing. From helping me plan my birth environment, to helping me make informed decisions, to teaching hypnobirthing techniques. She gave me faith in trusting my own body which left me with a massive sense of empowerment and a birth experience that I will always treasure.

At the birth I really felt that I had an advocate behind me who would stick up for my birth preferences. She made me feel safe, supported, calm and empowered.

Postnatally Kat is playing a huge part in helping us adjust to life as a family of four, advising us on a huge range of issues and supporting not only myself and the baby, but also my husband and my toddler - she is incredibly intuitive to the emotions felt by the whole family. She is so knowledgeable and passionate about breastfeeding and has helped us to overcome the initial issues that we faced, enabling me to exclusively breastfeed. She has also helped me process the birth and feel proud of what I’ve achieved in bringing my baby earth side.

It will be really hard to say goodbye to Kat when the time comes! Ellie. 

Kat has been a fantastic support to my wife and myself with our new baby and toddler.
At the birth, me and Kat worked together to provide the best support to Ellie. Kat supported me with practical things and made sure we were both comfortable to enable me to be 100% there for Ellie. She held Ellie’s hand and supported her when I was out of the room, and provided tips and suggestions eg on position changes/breathing techniques. After the midwives had left, Kat made sure we were all settled together as a family and supported us with the first feed. Overall she was a really calm and positive presence, and helped us to have a great birth experience.
The postnatal support in helping us all adjust has also been fantastic, from feeding support to practical suggestions and even helping our toddler to feel important and included. Josh. 


Fern Says : Kat is a star and provided great support after the birth of my 4th daughter. I would highly recommend her to any new Mamas!

Aimme Says:

I cant recommend Kat highly enough. We had an amazing private class at home to get us ready for little ones arrival and as first time parents it helped us feel as ready as we could, and was much nicer talking through everything at home and being able to ask as many silly questions as we needed! Even after baby arrived Kat had kept in touch and provided support. 

Caroline Says:

I can thoroughly recommend Kat! While pregnant with our 3rd baby she gave me ideas of how to set up our home birth space as well as how to prepare my older two children for being present at the birth. We also discussed hypnobirthing, and our favorite colours to visualize. Then as I approached being 42 weeks pregnant Kat gave me the strength to trust my body, and our baby was born at 42+1. Kat arrived just after the birth, and she was invaluable - she took photos, made me a placenta smoothie, spent lots of time talking to my little girl (who now wants to be a midwife!) and was just an all round support for us all. And then post-natally she gave such great advice and help. We are all so thankful for what she did for our family!

Ross & Sally:

We've done 2 courses with Kat, Hypnobrithing and Early days parenting @ Nellys. Both have been fantastic, really informative and Kat made some of the content personal to us too! As a dad I really liked how relatable to me she made them feel. We're still in touch with her and will definitely use her again in the future.  

Laura -

I cannot recommend Kat enough!! I booked an early days session for me and my husband and we both enjoyed the session so much. It was so informative, interesting and really relaxed. Kat made sure we knew that regardless of circumstances that this is still our journey and there are so many aspects we can take control of. We have both come away feeling so much more prepared and confident. Thank you so much Kat, you really are amazing at what you do! Xx


Kat is fantastic! I would highly recommend her for anyone expecting a baby. Her early days session was very informative and gave us a well needed confidence boost! She is very informative and such a lovely person. Gave us all of the knowledge that we needed and more. Please don't hesitate about booking with Kat

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