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The meaning behind my Mama Magic Logo

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

Just in case your interested I thought id explain my logo, I gave a very messy brief to my lovely friend who knows me quite well and this is what he sent back, I loved it right away.

My idea was the tree of life, with the mother and baby as the tree in the centre so they are held in the centre for all my support. Mothers also grow like a tree they form roots and reach up and change almost blossom its an amazing journey to go on. The colours, well purple is my birth colour and my happy colour and I'm also very rainbow loving person so it needed to have all the colours in.

I have 3 children and I have got a tattoo for each of them.

A dragonfly for my oldest, the meaning behind this is transformation into motherhood, change, thoughts, dreams and aspirations and spiritual growth. The dragonfly teaches us to have faith amidst difficulties and to love life. After an un educated pregnancy and a very traumatic birth I didn't feel how I expected or wanted becoming a new mum.

A butterfly for my daughter, to represent beauty, spiritual re-birth, powerful transformation, change, hope and endurance and courage. My healing birth, I felt strong and in control and grew in confidence and motherhood after this baby girl arrived.

A bumble bee for my last baby boy, to symbolize brightness and personal power, to join to connect living things, productive, renewal, growth, loyal and protection. This baby was welcomed by a whole team of busy bees at home and he defiantly had a sting in his tail or my journey. Motherhood has been different each time and I've had to learn a new path with each of them.

They are my reason for being, they led me down all my birth worker type paths. They needed to be included.

The hearts mean love, after all we wouldn't have babies with out the wonderful hormone of love.

Kat x

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