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The Perfect Baby shower/ New Baby Gift is me!

Baby showers and Baby gifts, we all love to shop for baby items but im finding more and more people are stepping outside of just giving a sleepsuit or blanket. Many parents now have lots of items, either they buy them themselves or are gifted them, friends and family passing down baby items. We also really are starting to value parent education and support for feeding and baby care.

I have now done a few baby shower/ baby gift vouchers.

This works by you contacting me with a budget and I can offer a choice to the parents to be or to you for what service they can be offered.

Due to the last year of COVID-19 guides and rules we have all had to learn new ways of working. I can now offer almost everything online! This is amazing and means you can get these gifts for anyone, anywhere!

Drop me a message to find out more.

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