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Mother Blessing

I was so excited to add a new string skill onto my Doula Bow this week. Mother Blessings will now be offer via Mama Magic and our collaboration service Doula Magic (the collaboration between myself and Donna - DoulaD). Donna has wrote an excellent article all about this.

found here:

I wanted to talk about why I wanted to offer Mother blessing as part of my services. I had my third baby and had 2 amazing baby showers with blessing way elements. I want to offer these to really support the journey into parenthood and put the focus on the mother.

It does take a village to raise a child, you make your own village in recent times the community spirt is really coming back due to Covid and the lockdown we have had more time to be at home.

A blessing Tree was given to me and I had this in my birth space at home, I read the messaged of love and support from my 'village' it helped me focus on my task of birth and relaxed me knowing they would come and help me if I needed it.

Bump Henna or Bump painting is also sometimes done at these blessings. That's my huge bump, I didn't have that done in my showers but at home one evening with my best friend by my side, we chatted she looked after me and helped me back up after( it took a while!). The baby wriggled and made it extra tricky kicking away but this was extra bonding time. I also had some beautiful milk bath pics done with another lovely friend after this.

Food is also shared during a blessing, either provided by the mother/host or everyone can bring a dish.

Some of the elements I found most useful for supporting me during labour and birth was the giving of beads, during my labour and birth I held these on a necklace and it felt like I had a powerful circle of them standing with me and giving me a hand to hold and the strength to get through. This is so simple but very effective way of sharing some love, wisdom and support.

rocks painted for my birth alter you can read about them in my next blog post!

Sometimes we just need to know we are loved and supported, during pregnancy this can be a very powerful moment to feel loved.

For more information or to have a planning session please use my contact form.


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