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Birth Time the documentary

A trip out, really out to the Trafford centre in Manchester to watch a film about child birth, eat some yummy food and catch up with my buddie doula Donna @DoulaD was much enjoyed and very overdue!

Post covid if we can really say that yet, I've not been somewhere so big and normal. I haven't even been back to watch a film at the cinema until last week, everything feels new yet the same. It was lovely to just get out and enjoy some lovely company chatting about work, home and all things Doula.

The Birth Time documentary film was brilliant, strong, powerful and quite sad. Every family thinking about having a baby should watch it.

"It was clear from the research we conducted that our maternity system is broken." - Birth time website

What a strong sentence that is, but sadly I see this day in day out, but why what's happened?

Why don't we trust our bodies? do you need help to walk, talk, eat, go to the loo ?

So why do we think we need a doctor who is paid a lot of money to tell us yes you may give birth or no its to risky, this is the correct day you should have your baby and no your to slow at birth.

I have worked with some of the best midwives ( as a support worker) I have seen first hand how they want to provide the type of care explained in the documentary, they get job satisfaction and feel for filled, the argument comes around burn out, but our maternity system is currently in a burn out. Short staffed, paperwork driven care, tick boxes, the families I care for as a doula tell me they see it and they often excuse poor or inadequate care because the lovely midwives were so busy, short staffed or they tried their best, yet this isn't a personal thing its the system that is failing families and staff. Why should the birthing person be left feeling like they were in the way or asking to many questions, they don't want to stand up or speak out.

A negative birth can lead to birth trauma .

The levels of birth trauma in the UK are going up-

"About 30,000 women a year, according to the most recent research, experience birth trauma in the UK. "- Birth trauma association website

What is causing this feeling with families, my views include lack of education, support and continuity. An understanding of the birth process and how to find a feeling of some control or understanding of the other birth journeys that may happen. The way I've heard woman speak about birth when experiencing trauma is very much how this was done to them, or I didn't know what was happening.

On the other hand the families who speak very highly of the positive birth talk about power, control, being listened to, powerful urges and a feeling of achievement at the birth of the baby, that they did it. Bonding and feeding take on a better path due to the high levels of oxytocin. We need to take more control of our journeys, educate, advocate and explore choices and options. Finding self belief, explore positive birth stories but more important share them.

This documentary made my eyes leak for different reasons, it resonated within me many feelings id experienced and words id said myself about my first birth experience now 14 years . It reminded me of the wonderful days at 121 midwives as a MAMA supporting families and midwives to explore their personal dreams and allowing them the time each family needed. Providing continuity and supporting the education and navigation of a system trying to almost make people believe they didn't know best. To see high home birth Stats, good breastfeeding rates and happy families. I was part of something amazing, and now on my self employed journey to be a doula supporting families with the same passion.

Id love to call myself a birth activist to have the powerful words needed, but I'm not very good with big words, I write from the heart not my head. I will continue my fight to educate, support and advocate for all the families who find their way to Mama Magic.

We need to take a stand and stop money being the driver in the birth world, birth most of time is normal and natural, we need to remove the fear and find the self belief in our amazing bodies. The policies and fear of litigation within the services is making more and more demands on families and where does this end?

Currently around 1 in 4 pregnant women in the UK has a caesarean birth.- Nhs

Watch this film, learn, ask questions, fine your birth team, get the oxytocin high and stand up for your birth and all the births after yours.

You can and you will. We are here to help you, support you and walk/fly by your side.

The Magic is included for free.

Thank you birth time team for your work, the stories and sharing this with the world.

For more information or to watch the film go to:

For more information or support on birth trauma speak to your Midwife, Health Visitor or

GP. Support about birth rights or birth trauma can be found on the links below.

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