The magical home hypnobirth of Harry

“We do not need magic to transform the world. We carry all power we need inside ourselves already” - Jk Rowling

This blog post is written by Ellie, Josh and Kat (Mama Magic)

Ellie and Josh were provided with a doula package from mama magic for Hypnobirth refresher, birth planning session, labour and birth support and postnatal support Package.

Baby Harry is the 2nd baby for parents Ellie and Josh, He is a rainbow baby.

Charlotte is his big sister and is 2, she's a fabulous little girl who has enjoyed some of the doula visits and preparing for her baby brother. Ellie really liked the idea of a busy bag.

Due to my early years experiences supporting transitioning for siblings is something I enjoy being able to support. I have many ideas to support the adjustment period and a good understanding of child development.

Bump painting, Busy bag and big sister gifts, stories about birth and babies and matching cord tie and bracelets. (from heartstrings)


At around 20 weeks I contacted Kat- Mama Magic because I had started to think about the birth experience I wanted to achieve and I knew Kat would help me get this.

During the pregnancy we discussed hypnobirthing, birth environments and birth plans, we explored fears and ways to encourage labour naturally, what's app support was on going and helped questions be answered between visits. I also explored scans and the midwifery options available. We also Linked with nice guidance and recommendations from grow.

I feel everything included Josh and he was at ease with me and also able to contact me as needed. He really did support Ellie and want to be involved with the visits, I think Josh definitely benefited from doula support as well. He also always made me a good cup of tea when I came to visit, and joined in with the conversations.

I also used the brains acronym to help them find their own answers and advised certain questions that need to be talked over with the named Midwife Ellie and Josh had care from the Oak team, a local home birth team giving continuity for the family. Ellie says she enjoyed the care from the same midwife and this made a big difference also enjoying some home visits. Sadly the named midwife was on holiday the day Harry was born. She got to see her named midwife on day 3 for feeding support and a baby weigh. She found this service and support really helpful and speaks highly of them.

Ellie says the first 12 weeks were extremely difficult due to the previous loss she felt very worried and paid for a number of private scans for reassurance, she says she lost faith in her body. Also during this time the world was facing a global pandemic, making appointments harder. The 12 week scan was horrendous Ellie remembers as she had to go alone and Josh was waiting in car park for news.

“ I was Exhausted for the first 12 weeks and during a lockdown I was at home with my toddler alone as Josh was working.” Ellie found it hard not being able to go out and mix this also made Charlotte extra shy, especially with new faces, we worked to get her used to me and she was soon happy to see me.

“I found the 2nd trimester easier and I was more relaxed and enjoyed the first kicks and finding out the gender”

“The 3rd trimester came with some worry about baby’s size and I talked it over with Josh and Kat, I decided to have faith in my own body. “

“I declined my scans and trusted in the process supported by Josh”

Hypnobirthing bunting full of positive pictures, quotes and things that filled Ellie with happiness, made by all the family.

Josh says the hardest thing for him was the constant reassurance to support Ellie and not come with any basis when making decisions ” I feel men don't have the same instincts as women and my role was to support Ellie.”

During the end of my pregnancy restrictions started to ease and I was able to have a small baby shower in my mother-in laws garden, family coming together is very important to me. This helped me feel supported and everyone could be involved and start to bond with Harry.”