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My Last Baby born @ home surrounded by love & hypnobirthing.

My final birth journey is another plus sized home birth, but defiantly on my terms via good education and support, also not quite the floating into the world I had aimed for. It was 11 days past my due date, on the 15th of June 2017 at 5.31am baby Jacob joined us earth side surrounded by my amazing birth team, Kelly my midwife & my friend, Jill (One to One midwife, hand holder, friend) my husband Dexter, my amazing children Isaac age 9 and Annabelle age 6 and also my best friend, supporter and believer Rachel (now an amazing midwife and IM @

That day I went out to the One to One bumps and babies group for lunch, id taken the kids to school and cleaned the house. I had the same pains I had been having on and off for a few weeks but nothing that made me think this baby was coming today. For tea we went to the local park/woodland to have a walk and a picnic; it was a lovely evening of walking, laughing and having fun. After we got home and had settled down for the evening, having pizza as a snack as I was so hungry I had some back and hip pain (clearly overdone all this walking myself into labour). I felt a funny popping sensation and then a few moments later like something was leaking I jumped up thinking my waters had gone, however nothing really happened after that; no gush or anything so I ignored it and we went to bed.

Around 11pm, I couldn't lie down as I had started getting crampy-type pains, much worse if I sat down so I got up, got dressed and went down stairs leaving everyone else sleeping.

I started noting down the funny pains, and it started to really remind me of my last birth; I started to think this was it. I was very lightly leaking pink fluid, I didn't have a show or any other signs.

The pains were random, some worse than others, I rocked and breathed, danced and set up my birth room.

I used my music, smells and lighting to help me relax. I felt in control, ready and excited.

At 1am I set the pool up, read my birth wishes and used my birth beads. I read all my affirmations and used my birth altar; set up with wishes and ornaments all given to me by my 121 family at my work baby shower and Rachel and my friends at my other baby shower/ blessings; both were amazing!

It was just so empowering to have these things and I had used them for a few weeks before baby came. My birth colour was purple and I had lots of candles and fairy lights. I sent time sat in the room on my ball focusing on breathing techniques and positive affirmations. I worked hard to have a beautiful environment.

The pains got closer and stronger, I burst into tears, overwhelmed; I needed to call Kelly but I was worried it wasn't labour; it could last hours yet my midwife is sleeping! At 2.03am I called her; she was an instant calming voice, she was on her way and I needed to wake my hubby up and get my pool filled. I put the phone down took a deep breath and thought this is it! If Kelly's coming she must think I'm in labour as well. Right, I'm having a baby!

I got Dexter up, he began to fill the pool.

3.06 am the pains got more intense, although I was still able to joke, laugh and talk. I was looking forward to getting in my pool! I was defiantly getting in it this time!

Kelly did my observations, I didn't have any VEs and at 3.45 she said I could get in the pool if I wanted to.

It was amazing getting in the pool, the warm water was very soothing and things seemed to go down a level in intensity, then they ramped back up again! Kelly just checked on us, set up her things, taped some oils (lavender and frankincense) to me and whispered her wise words. She made me feel safe never once did I want to go to hospital or feel something was wrong. I had my wobble I cannot do this, to which she held my hand and told me I am doing it.

Labour was becoming rough, fast and strong; I was ready for some gas and air at 4.45.

Kelly called for the second midwife Jill, who came out, again this said to me this baby is coming! I asked for Rachel to be called aware with 3 kiddies herself I didn't want her up all night!

Isaac came down him self and joined Jill, who was holding my hand and also whispering to me...I think was high on gas but I will never forget him stroking my arm and asking me if I'm ok.

My kids were amazing I'm so glad they had this experience with me!

My birth room was beautiful I loved how it made me feel; I had a sense of power that I can do this.. Kelly also put my necklace on me- the beads my friends and family gave me at my baby shower and they felt charged with positive vibes, I had this in my hand in early labour it really worked! All this prep really paid off. The breathing really does help.

My little girl was woken and came to join us.

She would never have forgiven us if we hadn't woken her even more so as her brother was downstairs!

At 5.10 I was actively pushing. The head was visible at 5.20 and totally birthed at 5.28.

The labour felt fast at this point, before I knew it I could feel a head; a head full of silky hair!

This bit isn't quite the floating into the world I had expected and been focused on, but it felt like a split second to me high on gas and air.

My midwives who watched, listened and have huge experiences in birth knew he was getting a bit stuck. They acted very fast and helped me to a standing position- as high as I was I knew what they were doing; I knew his shoulders were a little tight. Jill managed to quickly free his shoulder and he birthed fine with a little help at 5.31am and cried soon after. I was left with my biggest baby yet- 9lb 1oz and no stitches needed! They helped us back down in to the pool and passed him to me, I believe he had his cord round his neck as well. The midwives assisted me to have an amazing, safe birthing with little stress to me or my family. My baby was here!

And it was a BOY! (we loved not finding out the baby's sex till birth this time). His silky hair and chubby face; I had done it! I sat in the pool having some skin to skin, surrounded by my birth team it was perfect. The sun was up and the room was filled with love.

I cut the cord when I felt it wasn't pulsing anymore and Kelly fitted my cord tie. He was perfect.

I had quite a bit of pain after and my placenta was large and took some getting out! But it came with a little change of position and some good pushes.

We got out to be checked, this is the worse bit along with after pains! Baby Jacob went off to do skin to skin with daddy and the kids in the other room while Rachel held my hand tightly and gave me some more gas. I feel very lucky to have a friend who I can share anything with and who would do anything for me including lose some fingers from my tight grip!

All was fine. Baby returned and had his first feed. This was my first time breastfeeding so support was needed, compared to supporting others, doing it yourself is a very different story!

Jill got the pool cleaned and away and even washed our dishes up and fed our older kids breakfast.

He was weighed, and checked over. Kelly and Jill included my kids every step of the way. Rachel was amazing helping me dexter and the kids cleaning, getting them ready for school.

Rachel and Annabelle printed my placenta before making my smoothie which I really enjoyed.

The kids went off to school with daddy, happy and excited and full of stories of babies and birth pools and of course poo!

I had a shower and got put to bed by Rachel, tired and sore with after pains and a baby that constantly fed!

(Jacobs first breastfeed, and the first breastfeed i've ever feed myself!)

I can never thank everyone enough, birth is raw, painful and amazing and I would do it again in a heartbeat!

My Breastfeeding journey didn't go how I planned either, that's a whole blog post of its own! But I'm so glad I did it.

DAY 5 and 1st birthday, my family is complete no more babies here, parenthood challenges me everyday.

I wonder what the next 20 years will look like and the joys and tears that will happen.


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Placenta smoothies

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Maternity milk bath, baby photos and bump pics cake smash

Gemma Jackson ( gjonesphotography )

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