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Whats Ad hoc doularing?

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

Ad hoc doularing is doula support but just a little more flexible. Pay via my hourly rate and use as little or as much support as needed.

You may enjoy some help with baby care, feeding support, emotional support.

It maybe more practical help in the home helping you to get a nap or navigate getting out and about with a new baby.

This works well for new parents as they sometimes don't want to commit to a full package of care. During pregnancy its difficult to see the challenges of becoming new parents we focus on getting the baby born.

When we think how much we spend on a pram or baby toys wouldn't the use of someone to provide mental, emotional, physical support be worth investing in?

Its very important to get off to the best start with your baby. I have a passion for providing care to suit the family's needs. My experience and skills really do show during these postnatal visits. I also understand first hand how hard these early days can be, I can help you navigate and learn with love and understanding that every baby is unique and finding your path into motherhood may not always be easy.

Why not contact me for a free zoom chat to find out more.

One step at a time id love to be able to take a few steps by your side.


This also makes a fabulous baby shower gift or new baby gift, giving the gift of support.

( photo shared with consent a happy mummy and her new baby at a postnatal visit with me)

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