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10 top baby bag tips

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

  1. Rucksack! g for a rucksack type of bag, makes it much easier to have your hands free and can be used with a sling.

  2. Spare outfit, accidents happen or poo happens so always have a few Babygro's in your bag.

  3. Repack once home, keep it stocked and ready to go.

  4. Think about your self, this bag is now your handbag, do you need keys, purse, lip balm or maternity/breast pads aswell as baby's things.

  5. Baby's grow fast don't forget to keep a check on the items you may have in the bag ready to go.

  6. NAPPYS very easy one enough in case of accidents again poo happens.

  7. A small blanket is always good, to cold or ran out of clothes .... again that poo happens comment!

  8. SNACKS! what happens when you need to stop and feed baby make sure you have something for you.

  9. A changing mat ( small ) or something to put under baby for change time.

  10. A fun pattern, this is now your bag to so why not get one you like, they can be used for nearly 2 years and then if you have another baby.... so treat yourself.

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